Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I recently came into contact with this great shop! Everyone needs to stop by http://JudyEvansCollection.etsy.com and look at the beautiful items that are listed in this shop.

How long have you been making your items?

I've been designing and making jewelry for 5 years and just started doing the plate stands in the Fall of 2007.

What made you start selling on etsy:

Christy at JuneBugDressup.etsy.com recommended etsy when I met her at a craft fair in June of this year. I went straight home, looked it up and was hooked! I started my shop on June 15, 2008 - just 1 day after the craft fair.

Tell us about your favorite piece:

It's a challenge for me to pick my favorite piece - I'm eclectric by nature and like a lot of pieces for different reasons. If I have to choose just one it would have to be the necklace April E (named for my daughter) because it has a very natural and earthy look and the colors in this piece make it very versatile.


Debbie P necklace is a close 2nd because it's just beautiful and sparkly.


(I promise this is the last favorite choice) 3rd would be the Delma J earrings because they are a perfect length, are subtle and look great with so many colors.


Saturday, July 19, 2008


I recently had a bow custom made for my daughter from this shop. They were very easy to work with and matched my daughters party dress perfectly. I am very excited to be recieving this bow. Everyone really needs to check out this shop! Beautiful selection of high quality bows for every little girl!

I adore this item:


What made you decide to start selling one etsy?

We are currently working on building our own website, we had a few inquiries about our bows online and wanted to get an outlet started as quickly as possible. Etsy has been a great way to do that - low fees, lots of exposure and a great opportunity to expand our network base.

How did you come up with your shop name?

My daughter's name is Annabelle. My Mom & I were thinking of names and I said it should definitely somehow be named after her because she's the reason we started making bows. I had started calling her Annabelle Bananabelle and after a lot of other names, we decided Banana Belle was something different yet meaningful to us.

Tell me about your work?

My Mom & I work together, she is much craftier than I. We work together coming up with ideas and playing around with the ribbon but my Mom (Bonnie) is the bow maker. Annabelle tags along with us to the mom 2 mom sales as our model, she really knows how to increase sales. ( I see a future in marketing for her) We pay attention to the details…fully line our clips, heat seal the ends to prevent fraying and give our bows a professional look. We take great pride in what we do and think about each and every little "belle" that will wear our bows.

Do you have a favorite bow that you have made?

They're all my favorite. I love sitting down and coming up with new ideas. Right now the double ruffle w/ tulle on a crochet headband is my favorite. ....Until the next one.

Did any one inspire your work?

From Cristin - Annabelle - she is the first grand-daughter after 4 boys. We had been waiting for a girl for 7 years, and finally the princess arrived!! She needed something to stand out from the boys and what better then a bow!

From Bonnie - Becoming a grandparent has been a wonderful experience. We have been blessed with four grandsons and then we got the news of a girl. Of course, we always want every baby to be healthly, but we were having a girl, how exciting. We started making bows right away. We wanted everyone to know from the start that she was our little princess.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

http://WorldOfMoments.etsy.com opened their store out of the need to provide therapy for themself and their two boys on the autism spectrum. They were looking for a way to help them work through sensory disorders, attention problems, and to help build their imaginations.

This shop is filled with original art, cards and aceos.

I really enjoy this piece:

Be sure to stop and check out this shop, 10% of each item in this store will directly benefit The Dockery Foundation in Olive Branch, MS.


http://lrsteiner.etsy.com has a great selection of handmade cards, tags and note cards.

The items in this shop are all clothing themed and very cute.

I really like this one:

All the items in this shop are adorable!


My mom taught me to knit about six months ago and I have really been enjoying it so far.

Recently I started knitting baby hats and I am now addicted.

Here is what I have made so far:

Newborn boy:


0/6 months girl:


6/12 months modeled by my beautiful 11 month old daughter:


I am thinking of opening a third shop with all my knitted items!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Trading madness

I have become addicted to something else on etsy!

Trading!!! Its wonderful. I am a stay at home mom so that being said I am sure everyone knows that I do not always have a lot of money so trading is a great way for me to get gifts and to treat myself.

I started a trade and replace on the forums and I have been able to get some great items this way!!!

Stop by and check it out!!



http://karley.etsy.com has a cute little shop. At this time they mostly have coffee sleeves listed. If you enjoy coffee and do not want to add more garbage they would be a great alternative to the cardboard sleeves. Plus you can use them over and over again.

Here is my favorite:

They have other items available so be sure to stop by and check out this shop.


http://PenelopeAndAnastasia.etsy.com has a beautiful selection of jewelry. With prices starting at $13 there really is something for everyone in this shop.

I adore this piece:

The jewlery in this shop can be worn everday or for an evening out.

If you are a jewelry lover or need a gift for someone that is you really should come and check out this shop!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


http://IMOTIME.etsy.com has a great selection of clocks in their shop. The clocks are all made from findings and they have something for everyone.

As a coffee lover I adore this piece:

There is a wide selection of different clocks in this shop and any one of them would make a great addition to your home or make a great gift.


http://tscrapper.etsy.com has a great shop. I have several items from her shop. One of the most recent items I have gotten from her is a personalized baby shower memory book for my best friends baby shower. She did a wonderful job on this book and I would recommand her shop to any one that was looking for memory books.

I also love her cards and card tins.


She has many adorable cards in her shop that would easily be able to fill this cute tin!


http://countrywindows.etsy.com has a beautiful shop full of amazing photographs. His shop prides itself on the fact that all the photographs were taken while driving in the country and off a beaten path.

This one is my personal favorite:

Any photography lover would be lost in the beauty of this shop!


http://CatherineMarissa.etsy.com has a great selection of beautiful and affordable jewelry.

With prices ranging from $8 to $180 there is sure to be something for everyone in this shop.

My favorite piece is this one:

The jewelry here can be worn very casual or dressed up. So if you are looking for something to treat yourself with or for a nice gift be sure to check out this shop.

Monday, July 7, 2008


I love to spoil my children and I have found a shop that I could do just that in!

I love this little outfit!

http://uniquefavors.etsy.com has many adorable outfits for children. Many of them are customized for you!

Along with having really cute clothes they also offer Business Cards, Hang Tags, Postcards and much more.

Adorable stuff can be found in this shop!!!


I love photography and even though I am a photographer myself I still enjoy other people's photography.

http://BethPeardonProds.etsy.com has beautiful photography and photography related items in their shop.

This one caught my eye the moment I clicked into the shop:


The selection in this shop is amazing, there is a wide variety of items and everything would make wonderful gifts.

You really do need to check out this shop!

"Crazy4Cards" designs by Kim

If you are looking for some cute cards I have found a great shop for you to check out. http://Crazy4Cards.etsy.com has a great selection of cards and more.

I love these invites:

and this card:

The prices are great and the selection is wide so if you are looking for cards, invites or tags be sure to stop at http://Crazy4Cards.etsy.com

Why the secret shopper games rock

I know a lot of people do not like the secret shopper games on etsy but I really think people need to give them more of a chance.

I have met a lot of really great people on these games and have been able to get a lot of wonderful items.

I am a SAHM so I do not always have a lot of money to shop with, these games have given me a way to get gifts for others and treat myself when money is tight.

Its been a great way to build feedback and get my items out to people.

You make friends.

So next time you see one, give it a chance!!

A second shop

I opened a second shop on etsy!


I love taking photographs so I thought why not share them with everyone else.

I will be adding some pendants and magnets made with my photos also!

Be sure to stop in often. I am always taking a picture of something!!!