Saturday, July 19, 2008

I recently had a bow custom made for my daughter from this shop. They were very easy to work with and matched my daughters party dress perfectly. I am very excited to be recieving this bow. Everyone really needs to check out this shop! Beautiful selection of high quality bows for every little girl!

I adore this item:


What made you decide to start selling one etsy?

We are currently working on building our own website, we had a few inquiries about our bows online and wanted to get an outlet started as quickly as possible. Etsy has been a great way to do that - low fees, lots of exposure and a great opportunity to expand our network base.

How did you come up with your shop name?

My daughter's name is Annabelle. My Mom & I were thinking of names and I said it should definitely somehow be named after her because she's the reason we started making bows. I had started calling her Annabelle Bananabelle and after a lot of other names, we decided Banana Belle was something different yet meaningful to us.

Tell me about your work?

My Mom & I work together, she is much craftier than I. We work together coming up with ideas and playing around with the ribbon but my Mom (Bonnie) is the bow maker. Annabelle tags along with us to the mom 2 mom sales as our model, she really knows how to increase sales. ( I see a future in marketing for her) We pay attention to the details…fully line our clips, heat seal the ends to prevent fraying and give our bows a professional look. We take great pride in what we do and think about each and every little "belle" that will wear our bows.

Do you have a favorite bow that you have made?

They're all my favorite. I love sitting down and coming up with new ideas. Right now the double ruffle w/ tulle on a crochet headband is my favorite. ....Until the next one.

Did any one inspire your work?

From Cristin - Annabelle - she is the first grand-daughter after 4 boys. We had been waiting for a girl for 7 years, and finally the princess arrived!! She needed something to stand out from the boys and what better then a bow!

From Bonnie - Becoming a grandparent has been a wonderful experience. We have been blessed with four grandsons and then we got the news of a girl. Of course, we always want every baby to be healthly, but we were having a girl, how exciting. We started making bows right away. We wanted everyone to know from the start that she was our little princess.


Rev Jeanene said...

Very cute!

Anonymous said...

soo cute, would be adorable on my new niece!